4234 Casterton Portland Road, Merino, 3310

9 March 2019
at 4234 Casterton Portland Road, Merino @ 9:30am

WOODTURNING TOOLS: Triton router and jigsaw stand;
thickner and stand; 10” table saw and stand; band saw;
Makita drop saw 255mm; Triton work centre; table saw and attachment; jointer 2mm;
Triton super saw; timber drawing table;
Rok cut-off saw 355mm; 27 sheets roofing iron 7′ long;
qty doors; Selecta spray unit 50lt; Makita drop saw 265mm; kerosene burner;
garden mulcher; electric concrete mixer; exercise table;
Cox ride-on mower 36″ cut; 2 extension ladders; 1 step ladder;
qty nuts and bolts; assorted tools and sundries.
FURNITURE: steel frame kitchen table; timber book case;
qty kitchen ware; qty brass ornaments; cabinet; large qty sundries